MINUSCULO animation


Character design

Cut-out pieces

Cocodrilo is a dreamy, funny and daring character, but also vulnerable. He has a cool drawing and a simple physiognomy with short, non-articulated arms and legs, a large head and non-existent feet.

This is a character designed by pieces, to be animated digitally, as if it were a cut-out to animate. Its design includes front, side for both sides and back view. Independent heads for all views. It also includes items like a shirt, tie, jacket, hat and stick, plus a lot of alternate clothes to swap around. The features of the face are animatable such as eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids and different mouths.

This character has been rigged to allow the handling of the character through controls, reaching hundreds of lines of programming code, but which make its animation easier.

Cocodrilo - Character design and pieces

Facial expressions


We have make the facial expressions as a stop motion character to animate by replacement. Drawing different facial expressions that allow to transmit feelings, but also to be able to speak. We have designed eyes with different interchangeable eyelids to blink and gesticulate with the eyes, as well as eyebrows that can move freely.


Four different posters

Cocodrilo poster 1
Cocodrilo poster 2
Cocodrilo poster 3
Cocodrilo poster 4


Not everything is right at first 😉

Film stills

A digital cut-out animation

Cocodrilo shot 5 - Looking at himself in the mirror
Cocodrilo shot 6 - Walking down the street
Cocodrilo shot 8 - In the subway looking at ties advice
Cocodrilo shot 9 - Working as a waiter in the bar
Cocodrilo shot 10 - In the boutique
Cocodrilo shot 11 - Cocodrilo on the rooftops looking at the stars
Cocodrilo shot 14 - Grandma in the stars at night
Cocodrilo shot 18 - Tunnel of trades
Cocodrilo shot 19 - In the living room
Cocodrilo shot 20 - Crocodile on the star
Cocodrilo shot 21 - City
Cocodrilo shot 22 - Cocodrilo flying above the clouds with the star
Cocodrilo shot 28 - Cocodrilo and his grandmother ridding a bike
c - Cocodrilo and his grandmother flying in front of the sun
Cocodrilo shot 28 - Cocodrilo and his grandmother falling down
Cocodrilo shot 29 - Boat in the night

Making of Cocodrilo

A work of digital cut-outs

Project Description

Cocodrilo is a music video of the song by La ChicaCharcos and The Katiuskas Band, made as an animated digital cut-out collage as if it were an animation of cardboard cut-outs.

Cocodrilo lived happily in the jungle, but one day he received a package and decided to go live in the city in search of a better life. So he start a crazy trip, without knowing very well where he was going. However, the stars will help you find your way to him.

Project Details


Progress | 100%

Created by

Rafael Vidal & Julián Gómez


Digital cut-out animation


Music video


5 min


Digital 4K - Aspect ratio 16:9


La ChicaCharcos and The Katiuskas Band