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Selections and awards

Currently Agapito has been selected in 55 festivals around the world and awarded in 15 of them.

BARCIFF - Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival (Spain, 2021) - Nominee: Best short animation
The Lift-Off Sessions (United Kingdon, 2020) - Official selection
Feel The Reel International Film Festival (United Kingdon, 2020) - Nominee: Best music video
Aguilar Film Festival (Spain, 2020) - Official selection MINIFICA
Uruvatti International Film Festival (India, 11/2020) - Award winner: Best stop motion short film
ACCSFF - AAO Creative Collective Short Film Festival (India, 2020) - Nominated
Sydney Short Film Festival (Australia, 2021) - Award winner: Best music video
Bucharest ShortCut CineFest (Romania, 2021) - Nominee: Best music video
PequeFilmes - Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil de Galicia (Spain, 2021) - Official selection
PIIFF - Prague International Indie Film Festival (Czech Republic, 2021) - Official selection
BFFF - Berlin Flash Festival (Germany, 1/2021) - Award winner: Super Short Animation/ Stop Motion
Star Film Festival Barcelona (Spain, 2021) - Award winner: Best music animation
Dark Story Festival 2021 (Bilbao, Spain, 2021) - Official selection
Madrid Film Awards (Spain, 2021) - Semi-Finalist
Animac - Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació de Catalunya (Lleida, Spain, 2021) - Audience award: Petit Animac
Athens Animfest (Greece, 2021) - Official selection
Rock This Town (France, 2021) - Official selection
Stockholm Independent Film Festival (Sweden, 2021) - Award winner: Best music video/song
The Continental Film Festival (New York, USA, 2021) - Finalist
Film in Focus (Romania, 4/2021) - Award winner: Best animation - Special mention
Roots of Europe International Film Festival (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 2021) - Official selection
NCCC Film & Animation Festival (USA, 2021) - Official selection
Soundance Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain, 2021) - Award winner: Special mention
Primavera Film Festival Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain, 2021) - Official selection
Aullido - Muestra Internacional de Videoclip (Mexico, 2021) - Official selection
Moscow International Children’s Film Festival (Russia, 2021) - Award winner: Best music video
Florida Animation Festival (USA, 2021) - Awards winner: Honorable mention Stop-Motion Animation, Studio and Chills and Audience Favorite Thrills- First Place
Mallu Film Market (India, 2021) - Official selection
Cartoonclub Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’animazione, del Fumetto e dei Games (Italy, 2021) - Official selection
SMOF - Festival Internacional de Stop Motion Our Fest (Argentina, 2021) – Official selection
2D & 3D Animation Film Festival (Italy, 2021) - Official selection
AnimaFilm International Animation Festival (Azerbaijan, 2021) – Award winner: Best animated music video
Fangofest Amposta (Spain, 2021) - Official selection
KFFSS - Kursaal Film Festival San Sebastián (Spain, 2021) - Nominee finalist
Stop Motion Film Festival (Residencia, Argentina, 2021) - Finalist
Salem Horror Fest (USA, 2021) - Oficcial selection
Cardiff Mini Film Festival (UK, 2021) - Official selection
Animest - Bucharest International Animation Fest (Bucharest, Romania, 2021) - Official selection
Animation Chico (USA, 2021) - Official selection
Annual Copenhagen Film Festival (Denmark, 2021) - Offcial selection
Abycine Festival (Albacete, Spain, 2021) - Audience award: HCLM
Ebrovisión Short Film Music Festival (Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Spain, 2021) - Official selection
Girona Film Festival (Spain, 2021) - Official selction
Mi primer Festival (Barcelona, Spain, 2021) - Official selection
Animainzón - Concurso Nacional de Cortos de Animación (Ainzón, Zaragoza, Spain, 2021) - Official selection
Maratón de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Sants (Barcelona, Spain, 2021) - Official selection
AMUA In-Edit - Hondarribia (Spain, 2021) - Official selection
Los Angeles Animation Festival (USA, 2021) - Award winner: Bronze Music Video
Festival Internacional de cine infantil de AMES (Spain, 2021) - Official selection
ReAnimania - International Animation Film and Comics Art Festival of Yerevan (Armenia, 2021) - Official selection
Thomas Edison Film Festival (Hoboken, NJ, USA, 2022) - Award Winner: Honorable Mention Award
New York Animation Film Awards – NYAFA (USA, 2022) - Semi-finalist
ASIFA - Animation Festival and Conference (USA, 2022) - Official selection
AniMATE: Australia Animation Film Festival (Autralia, 2022) - Finalist
CURTÀNEU: Mostra Internacional de Curtmetratges a les Valls d'Àneu (Spain, 2022)


Four different posters

Agapito clouds poster
Poster Agapito rhombus
Poster Agapito scenes
Agapito night cementery poster

Film stills

A stop motion animation

Agapito - Shot 35 - Taxi taxi through the forest
Agapito - Shot 4 - Grandma's bedroom
Agapito - Shot 7 - Children's bedroom
Agapito - Shot 12 - Mosquitoes flying on a full moon night
Agapito - Shot 13 - Going into the tavern
Agapito - Shot 25 - Dreaming of playing
Agapito - Shot 26 - Showering
Agapito - Shot 33 -Leaves his town
Agapito - Shot 36 - Taxi snowing
Agapito - Shot 41 - Band in the beach
Agapito - Shot 69 - Concert
Agapito - Shot 66 - Concert ChicaCharcos and ChikiChiquillooo
Agapito - Shot 60 - Magic red gumboots
Agapito - Shot 59 - Concert poster
Agapito - Shot 53 - Santanica is reading the newspaper
Agapito - Shot 48 - Waiter cleaning the bar
Fotograma del plano 22Fotograma del plano 22 con postproducción

Making of Agapito

A craft work

Project Description

Agapito is a video clip of the song by La ChicaCharcos and The Katiuskas Band made in stop motion animation.

Agapito is a vampire mosquito who lives with his family. Everyone likes to go to the cemetery tavern every night to drink shots of fresh blood, but all he cares about is music. He plays the trumpet and has always dreamed of playing in a real orchestra.

One day, Agapito leaves the niche and travels far from home, where he meets the members of the musical group “La ChicaCharcos & The Katiuskas Band”. From that moment on, he will embark on an adventure that will lead him to stardom as a trumpeter.

Project Details


Progress | 100%

Created by

Rafael Vidal & Julián Gómez


Stop motion animation


Music video


4 min 39 sec


Digital 4K - Aspect ratio 16:9


La ChicaCharcos and The Katiuskas Band


  • Personal design
  • Stop motion animation
  • Props design