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The studio was born to give free rein to our great passion, the stop motion. Project in which Rafael Vidal and Julián Gómez, we decided to join our effort and knowledge in this laborious task, in order to be able to carry out our own projects and offer our services to third parties.

The research work of all these years, and the practice, has made that little by little we achieve professional results.

Captivated by the pleasure of working with their hands, pencil strokes, modeling, cut-outs, ... we come to the stop motion animation, that animation that allows us to physically create and touch the objects that appear on the screen, a task that allows us to create and animate handcrafted, but without forgetting the new technologies.

Meet the team

Complementary profiles

Rafael Vidal

Stop motion & 3D

Rafael Vidal

Director, art, character design, armature and model maker.
Julián Gómez

Stop motion animator

Julián Gómez

Stop motion animator, armature maker, model maker.

The talent of the studio

We coincided some years ago in a 3D animation course. The first day came that dreaded moment, the presentation in public of each one of us. Rafa spoke about Jan Švankmajer and the Quake brothers, Julián from the stop motion animation and the pleasure of animating objects with his hands. From that moment we started to share our knowledge and experiences to make our projects come true.

Our profiles are complemented to form a team that allows us to cover all the necessary qualities to carry out the projects.