MINUSCULO animation



Four different posters

Abubilla - Poster 1
Abubilla - Poster 2
Abubilla - Poster 3
Abubilla - Poster 4

Film stills

A stop motion animation

Abubilla - Shot 1
Abubilla - Shot 2
Abubilla - Shot 3
Abubilla - Shot 4
Abubilla - Shot 5
Abubilla - Shot 6
Abubilla - Shot 8
Abubilla - Shot 9
Abubilla - Shot 9
Abubilla - Shot 11
Abubilla - Shot 12
Abubilla - Shot 14
Abubilla - Shot 15
Abubilla - Shot 16
Abubilla - Shot 20
Abubilla - Shot 21


A world of paper

The paper conveys the fragility of a world that can easily be destroyed and the water colors give each frame a delicate appearance. A paper forest where we made 200 miniature pine trees, a bunch of trees through which animals run, animals that seem to be made with origami and an almost life-size paper hoopoe, which allows a lot of movements. We built a big trunk with a nest where the hoopoe hatches its eggs, mountains, forest floors, a leaf that will be animated as if it were blown by the wind and a beautiful moon.


Frame to frame animating

The project has been animated with the stop motion technique. We were looking for a realistic animation and camera movements in travelling and handheld camera. The animals have been animated in chroma key and then inserted into the scene with postproduction.

Animating abubilla shoot 6
Animating abubilla shoot 10
Animating abubilla shoot 20
Animating excavators shoot 10
Animating excavators shoot 10
Rafael Vidal Rafa with his 200 trees built
Animating forest from the sky
Animating trees growing
Animating camera on mountains set
Animating traveling in the forest
Animating mouth excavator
Animating leaf flying
Animating squirrel
Animating bear shoot 6
Animating rabbit
Production sheet 1 of 2
Animation Abubilla on the moon

Project Description

Abubilla is a music video of Ajayu Dúo’s song made in stop motion animation with everything built with paper and colored with watercolor.

Abubilla is a bird that lives happily in the Maravilla forest with all the animals. But one day the hand of man endangers his environment and he talks to the moon so that together they can sow life into his world.

Project Details


Progress | 100%

Created by

Rafael Vidal & Julián Gómez


Stop motion animation


Music video


2 min 44 sec


Digital 4K - Aspect ratio 16:9


Ajayu Dúo


  • Art design
  • Character design
  • Stop motion animation
  • Props design