MINUSCULO animation

Santiago El terrateniente – Rigging test

Personal design

Cut-out pieces

Santiago El Terrateniente has a particular physiognomy: strong arms, very short legs, big head, prominent jaw, potbellied and small feet.

This is a character by pieces, to be animated in a digital way, as a stop motion cutout. Its design includes front view, side for both sides and rear. Independent heads for all views with six different positions. It also includes six different hands on each side, front and side for left and right, independent elements such as shirt, beret, comb ... And animated features such as eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids and different facial expressions.

The large number of elements, and the wide versatility of movements and expressions sought, has made it extremely complex to design a "rigging" that would allow the handling of the character, having hundreds of lines of programming code that make it easier to animate.

Santiago character design front
Santiago character design right
Santiago character design back

Facial expressions

Lip sync

We have make the facial expressions as a stop motion character to animate by replacement. Drawing up to 36 different facial expressions that allow to transmit feelings, but also to be able to speak in the most natural way possible contemplating the different phonetic forms of lip sync and taking into account also the possibility of speaking angry or normal. We have designed eyes with 7 different interchangeable eyelids to blink and gesticulate with the eyes, as well as eyebrows that can move freely.

Project Description

A rigging is a process that is done when creating a digital character, to create a set of digital animation controls that making our character able to move and so can be easily animated. After set it, a test is made to check that the character moves efficiently.

Santiago El Terrateniente has been encouraged by his brother-in-law to go a casting of cut-out characters, notwithstanding not knowing very well what that was, finally decides to go. Will they select Santiago?

Project Details


Progress | 100%


Digital cut-out animation




2 min 15 sec


Digital - Aspect ratio 16:9


Enric Peidro Swingtet


Personal project


  • Character design
  • Animation
  • After Effects