MINUSCULO animation

Robot LC-079

Robot drawing by Spencer Nugent
Robot LC-079 postproduction
Robot LC-079 solid white
Robot LC-079 rig
Robot LC-079
Robot LC-079 frontal
Robot LC-079 left
Robot LC-079 back
Robot LC-079
Robot LC-079 solid whiteRobot LC-079 render

Project Description

The robot LC-079 is born for the love that I feel to the movies where they appear robots like Chappie, Metropolis, Wall-e, The iron giant, Robocop, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Eva, Silent Running, Saturn 3, Terminator, Forbidden Planet, Star Wars, Short Circuit, etc. I started making sketches, and none of them convinced me, until on the Internet I found one that caught my attention, and that I used as a reference. A drawing made by the American industrial designer Spencer Nugent, which I fell in love with his passion for robots and his way of capture them.

For this character I tried to make the whole process, working with Blender from the modeling, mapping, textured, rendering … until the postproduction, made in Photoshop.

Project Details


Progress | 100%


Rafael Vidal


Personal project


  • 3D modeling
  • UV mapping
  • Texture
  • Rendering