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Project Description

This was the first ball & socket armature that we built. We make the design based on the human anatomy, at a size of 13 ” (33 cms), slightly higher than a 12″ vinyl record. Looking for greater versatility, we think of shoulders that fit in width to fit the physiognomy of a male body or a female, and of course, that can be raised and lowered. Our target was to animate realist bipeds, for that we needed a precise and robust armature. With feet to be able to screw to a surface underneath or with magnets, and that could also be held it with a rig.

We contacted Cristóbal Caballero, an armourer by profession (Julián’s uncle), but above all, able to build anything that goes through his head, and in the most disinterested way, he built not just one, but three armors.

Project Details


Progress | 100%


Personal project


  • Stop motion animator
  • Character design
  • Armature maker